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Where Applications Become Private

Imagine a world of truly private applications. Aleo is building the world's leading developer platform for enabling absolute privacy on blockchains. Aleo enables engineering teams to build web applications that are performant, secure, and anonymous. With our vocal advocacy for privacy tech in the blockchain ecosystem, we are playing a major part in mainstream awareness and industry adoption of privacy-preserving technologies. Aleo introduces an application runtime environment that allows your software to compile, execute, and finalize its state autonomously. We are proud to offer a platform of services that exemplify privacy.

Aleo is a decentralized autonomous organization offering privacy applications for blockchain ecosystems.

Aleo is building a developer platform for enabling privacy on blockchains.  The platform provides toolkits for Windows, Linux, and macOS that let users write, deploy, and share applications with a package manager, allowing them to privately compile and test codes.

In an interview with CoinDesk, the CEO Alex Pruden said:

“The way to think about it is, Aleo is like if the Ethereum model and the Zcash model had a baby.” An alternative analogy: “Zcash with smart contracts."


Zero-knowledge execution, also referred to as Zexe, is Aleo’s smart contracts-compatible evolution of ZKPs. Zeke will see users execute off-chain transactions that come with on-chain cryptographic proofs. Aleo’s privacy chops utilize the privacy technology underpinning Zcash.

Transactions on Aleo are processed off-chain and solely verified by the network nodes. This setup enables the platform to be able to support various transaction volumes and allows developers to create decentralized applications that seek to address complicated use cases.

Daniel Jacobs, founder at Kora Management, said in a statement:

The two biggest challenges in the blockchain space are privacy and scalability. Aleo is building a foundational layer that addresses both, which we believe will help to catalyze and grow the next generation of truly mass-market use cases in blockchain, from gaming to DeFi and beyond.

Aleo is a developer platform for building fully private, scalable and cost-effective applications. Using zero-knowledge cryptography, Aleo moves smart contract execution off-chain to enable a diverse range of decentralized applications that are both entirely private and can scale to thousands of transactions per second. Built on an open, public blockchain, Aleo brings the flexibility of Ethereum but with a more scalable architecture in which miners don’t need to re-run every transaction, but simply verify their correctness.


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