Top 118 Paid And Free Directory Submission Sites List For Off-Page SEO.

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Topic Discussion: How helpful is 5000 directory submission sites list for an off-page SEO technique?

its really huge collection of top Free Directory submission sites list for off page SEO

Basic Understanding of directory submission sites for Off-Page SEO:

Directory Submission is the process of submitting your website URL to various web directories (websites) with the goal of increasing business growth through backlinks. This is an off-page SEO technique for generating external links for your website. Web bloggers must ensure that they follow directory submission guidelines when providing the directory submission website URL.
Each directory has its own set of rules that you must follow in order to submit your site. Most directories use the following basic guidelines to approve a site into their database: Title, Description, phone number, Keywords, Url, Category, Email, and Site Content.

How helpful to get benefits from these 5000 Directory Submission Sites?

There are nine benefits of submitting a site to paid / free directory submission sites. Directory submission is the best way to get one-way links.

  1. Submitting A Website To A Directory Helps Build Quality Links:

    There are many websites on the internet that provide you with quality backlinks. These quality backlinks will help you to increase your domain authority.
  2. Get Higher Link Popularity From Website Directory Submission:

    You get two additional links; a contextual category link and a unique directory listing link.
  3. Web Directory Submission Increases Google Ranking

    Creating backlinks on paid or free web directory submission websites will increase your domain authority and page authority; having a high DA(domain authority) and (PA)page authority increases the chances of your content’s ranking on Google.
  4. Get More Traffic To Submit The Website To The Directory

    Many people like bookmarking some pages or content they want to utilize in the future. With heavy traffic, popular directories like bookmarking can be diverted to your site. Nowadays, People simply go to business listing directories and find the product or services in categories.
  5. Rapid Indexing Of Website By Submitting In Directories.

    When you list your website to directory submission websites, the index is faster than your main URL and aids in indexing your URL. So with the help of directories, your website will be categorised in a specific niche and easy to find by any person.
  6. Url Submission Helps In Higher Page Rank:

    Google PageRank is calculated using a proprietary mathematical formula that counts each link to a website as a vote. Your website competes in a popularity contest with every other website with similar content and keywords. The website with the most valuable links gains a higher “rank” in popularity. Quality directories are used in Google Algorithm to calculate Google PageRank. If you get the help of off-page SEO and submit your links to guides, you will possibly rank in Google.
  7. More Customers Engagement From The Directory Website:

    Users of that directory submission website might be interested in that website related to that directory submission website. Online directories are frequently thought of as “digital yellow pages,” but they can be much more for your business. When this platform is fully utilised, potential customers will be able to find, learn something about, and connect with your company.
  8. Social Media Sharing Possibility Via Web Directory Submission:

    When your business is listed on directories websites, it enables users to distribute your link to other users. The majority of popular directories include social media sharing buttons. So, your business will be shared on social platforms.
  9. Brand Awareness Via Directories Submission Websites:

    Your brand receives increased exposure, which aids in brand awareness. When you submit your website to a specific category, people will be able to find you and learn about your products and services. Web directories help you in engaging with customers from directories. Directory listing helps customers divert to your websites, and they can browse what they are looking for in a specific category.

How many types of Directory Submission sites exist?

  1. Paid or Featured Website to directory Listing:
    In many cases, The web directory owner charges for submission and approves your link after some time, usually within 24 hours. Some websites provide yearly or lifetime submission packages.
    Directory site’s main source of revenue. Listing owners will pay to have their businesses listed on your website.
    You can provide various pricing plans, each with its benefits. It could be a page introducing only your pricing plans. Make it clear to customers why they should buy listings on your site, how much each plan costs, and what they will receive in return. Make it simple and easy for customers to purchase listings.
    You could expand your revenue model to include Featured web listing directories and Special Places for Listings.
    By choosing a featured plan, listing owners will have directories appearing at special spots on the site, which has the potential to draw the audience’s attention. The featured listings become more appealing as the site’s traffic increases.
  2. Free Web directory submission Listing:
    In this case, you do not have to pay to submit to a directory. However, there is no guarantee that the administrator will approve your site. Also, getting websites approved takes time.
    These allow us to include a link to our website at no cost; we will refer to free directories; if we must pay to register our website, we will refer to paid directories. As a general rule, the latter is much more beneficial for SEO because they are less saturated and transmit greater authority. In contrast, free ones do the opposite in many cases and can even be webspam issuers.
  3. Reciprocal Regular Website Listing:
    Reciprocal links are links between sites that link to each other because they cover similar topics or offer complementary goods or services. When you submit your website, you must include a reciprocal link to your site. The site owners may find it beneficial to link to each other to benefit their visitors.
    Site owners may do this to allow visitors to see both sites. Sites may be related or displayed as a sign of collaboration. According to the mythology and folklore surrounding search engine optimization, reciprocal links are bad, and search engines dislike them.

Method for Paid Or Free web Directory Submission sites:

  • When we want to submit website links, all directories use the same form or method. Ensure the directory submission sites list has a high DA and PA to give your website a good score and authority.
  • The initial step is to select the best directory submission sites.
  • Choose one site from the list that you believe is relevant to your business.
  • Then, choose the best category for your post based on its content.
  • Select the desired category by clicking on it.
  • Choose the appropriate sub-category and submit your content by clicking the submit link or adding an article in the section.
  • Complete the submission by providing the required details, such as URL, title, and description.

Selected Top 118 Paid And Free Directory Submission Sites List For Off-page SEO.

Out of the free 5000 Directory Submission Sites List, I have mentioned 118 directories here. However, you should not submit your website to all directories in a single day or week. If you do this, Google will blacklist your website.

These below-mentioned Directory submission site lists help your website to increase the DA and PA of your business sites. One-way inbound links are required for Search Engine Ranking. Off-page optimization is what we call it.

The best way to get free quality inbound links is to list your website in directories. Website directory submission is an important component of any search engine marketing campaign. Getting listed in search engine-friendly web directories can help boost link popularity. Manual directory submission services allow you to start a link-building campaign at a low cost.

To avoid being blacklisted, post from time to time for submission. Google will see your website backlinks as more natural this way. Use the method outlined below to submit your website to the free 5000 Directory Submission Sites in 2022.

  • Take five or ten directories from the list of free 5000 directory submission sites if you can get of check the listed below directories and submit your site to them today.
  • Rep the procedure in two or three days.
  • [Note: This should not be done every day.]
  • Following this method will result in a do-follow backlink from a high authority directory.

“Here is a complete list of 118 directories at this time out of Free 5000 Directory Submission Sites that are completely operational. Please submit your website using this link.”

Sr.No.WebsiteDirectory Submission Sites URL
4Websites List.orgWebsites
6H Log.comH
8Deeplinks Directory.coDeeplinks
9Gigantic List.comGigantic
10Busy Bits.comBusy
11New WebDirectory.comNew
12Quality Internet Directory.comQuality Internet
13Advertise Era.comAdvertise
18Think Fla.comThink
21Finder Master.comFinder
22Add Oncon.comAdd
23Elite sites Directory.comElite sites
24Infrasec Conf.orgInfrasec
26Britain Directory.bizBritain
28The Directory Listings.orgThe Directory
29Rectang Lead.comRectang
31All Free Things.comAll Free
32Link Minded.comLink
33Blog Directory.orgBlog
36A-List Directory.comA-List
37Iskin Online.comIskin
38Bizz Directory.comBizz
39Synergy Directory.comSynergy
40Free Directory Submit.comFree Directory
41Blogs Collection.comBlogs
42Evolving Critic.comEvolving
44Directory Fire.comDirectory
45Active Search Results.comActive Search
46247 Web Directory.com247 Web
47Cyprus Net.comCyprus
48Website Services.bizWebsite
49My Green Corner.comMy Green
50Baikal Global.comBaikal
51The Free Free
52Quick Links.netQuick
53Website Submit.netWebsite
551Webs Directory.com1Webs
56Information Crawler.comInformation
57Free Web Submission.comFree Web
58General Business Web Directory.comGeneral Business Web
61Search Sonicrun.comSearch
62Add Business.netAdd
63Free Website Directory.comFree Website
64Latest Sites.comLatest
67General Shopping Directory.comGeneral Shopping
68World Web Directory.comWorld Web
69Scrub The Web.comScrub The
71Web To Tell.comWeb To
72Touch Local.comTouch
73Thales Directory.comThales
74Liked Dot.comLiked
76We Web Ware.comWe Web
81Alive Directory.comAlive
83Link Add URL.comLink Add
85Moms Directory.netMoms
86Abraham Search.comAbraham
87Web Squash.comWeb
88The Web Web
89Link Pedia.netLink
90Top Sites Web Directory.comTop Sites Web
91Triple WDirectory.comTriple
92Tiny Dino Directory.comTiny Dino
93Free To Prank Directory.comFree To Prank
95USA Websites Directory.comUSA Websites
96Secret Search Engine Labs.comSecret Search Engine
97All States USA Directory.comAll States USA
100Ranch Links.comRanch
101Direct My link.comDirect My
102Press Telegram.comPress
103Shop in USA.comShop in
104Internet Web Directory.comInternet Web
106Brown Book.netBrown
107Directory SEO.bizDirectory
108Directory Bin.comDirectory
110Nex US Directory.comNex US
111Intel Seek.comIntel
112URL Castle.comURL
114PR8 Directory.comPR8
115Canada Web Dir.comCanada Web
116Become Made.netBecome
117Add Your Links Free.comAdd Your Links

Are You Looking For Directory Submission Services?

Get the most effective directory submission services for your website. Find the best directory submission services to assist you in meeting your project planning milestones and goals.

You can Get Directory submission services on Fiverr; check the top-rated seller services for directory submission.
This Fiverr Freelancer provides an affordable manual Internet directory submission package to small website owners and corporations with almost any advertising budget or Internet marketing estimates. Expert directory submitters will carefully execute submission jobs to get you the most directory listing approvals.
Fiverr Directory Submitter offers low-cost hand submission to free, non-reciprocal search engine-friendly directories. Directory submission plans or prices begin at 0.9 cents per submission to $3.

I’ve mentioned over 118 directories from the list of free 5000 directory submission sites. I will update the list of active and high authority free directories in the coming days.

Do’s and Don’ts of Directory Submission Sites:

When submitting your site to directories, you should be aware of their do’s and don’ts:

“Do’s” of Directory Submission sites:

Submit your website to well-known directories to boost traffic. Also, the quality of the backlinks should be high because they, too, contribute to the website’s optimization process.

Select carefully for your anchor text and avoid spammy usage. Do not use the same anchor text against each link. Choose different keywords for each link and change the description.

Check that the directory you choose has a distinct category structure that will aid in organizing information when you submit your business website into categories. The directory facilitates the quick retrieval of the required information.

Remember to check the directory’s domain authority.

The title and description you choose should be relevant and appropriate. Remember to include the main keyword in the title of the anchor text.

Check the directory to see if the website is not already listed. It would save you a significant amount of time.

When building links, always keep quality in mind. Rather than a slew of low-quality links, one high-quality link is preferable. Because links from high PR directories increase traffic to your site.

Avoid paying for links and instead opt for one-way links through directory submission.

Keep track of your directory listing submissions and check your approval status regularly. Many free directory submission sites may approve your site immediately, while others may charge you to submit your site to a few top sites.

It is critical to document your work to track performance. Documentation will allow you to determine whether your SEO strategies are effective.

“Don’ts” of Directory Submission sites:

Remember that your link’s directory that uses the’rel=no follow’ technique is useless because it contributes nothing to your optimization campaign. Search engines do not follow that link to your site. Redirects are sometimes ignored by search engines when it comes to backlinks.

Avoid link farms, bad neighbourhoods, and free-for-all (FFA) link sites because they can harm your site.
If you notice that the directory is not approving the site without manually reviewing it, do not submit it there. They do it with the help of some automated scripts.

Do not submit mirror sites because they contain the same content but have different URLs.
Many directories will not accept sites that submit within the same month. They may display the error “Domain already exists.” However, if you have not yet listed it, select a more relevant category and submit it.

It is not considered good practice to submit the same URL more than once.
Choose a site that does not redirect to another address.

Wait until the site is finished before submitting it; if you see an under-construction notice or the site is incomplete, do not submit sites to such a directory.

Getting backlinks for off-page SEO directory submission is one of the most effective methods for generating high-quality backlinks for any new website. It has several advantages, including increasing domain authority, improving SERP rankings, increasing traffic, and diversifying your site’s link profile.
Take advantage of the benefits by selecting the best paid or free directory submission site from the list.

Final Words On Web Directory Submission Sites:

As you can see, there are still useful directories. A directory is a good candidate for your backlink profile if it receives good traffic from your targeted audience, is relevant to your business website, and maintains high-quality listings.

Many relevant directories for local business listings may also be found in local newspapers, magazines, and business websites. It’s a good candidate if it’s highly relevant to your website and receives traffic from your community.

Examine the page where your website would be listed and decide whether you are content to be listed alongside the other websites on the page.

Remember to bookmark this 5000 directories sites list page to get the entire list. Also, remember that the directories listed below may change their do-follow link to no-follow without informing us of their policy.

If you follow these guidelines, you will only select the most useful directories for your company.

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